Virgen del Carmen

A moving candlelight ceremony to honour the Queen of the Seas

Every town with a nautical heritage has a brotherhood or Hermandad with the Virgen del Carmen as their patron. Festivities in her honour begin with an evening procession of her statue adorned with flowers through the towns streets down to the sea.

As the sun begins to set the statue is then placed in one of the local fishing boats and set to sea, the boat often lit by candlelight. As she sails a small flotilla of boats follow her. Fireworks are let off from the shore and this is usually accompanied by a musical band.

Not only is thanks given for the safe return of all those souls who make their living at sea, but also prayers are offered for the continued good quality of the waters upon which the local community economy relies. Even today when the traditional fishing industry is giving way to the modern tourist industry the local inhabitants appreciate what an important part a clean and healthy sea plays in their continued prosperity.

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