All you need to know about the beaches of the Axarquia.

The coastline stretching east from Málaga offers a wide variety of beaches (playas in Spanish), from secluded coves to the larger and more developed resorts.

Most of them are predominantly sand with a few sprinklings of pebbles near the water's edge but in common with the rest of the Mediterranean coastline of southern Spain the sand is quite a dark colour - if you're looking for sparkling white beaches you won't find them here!

So whether you are planning to stay in one of the privately owned rental apartments or are looking at one of the local hotels, the following beaches are the ones that we think are the most important, listed in order travellingfrom west to east along the coast from Málaga.

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Playa de Rincon de la Victoria Beach

Playa de Rincon de la Victoria Beach

Location:Rincon de la Victoria accessed via pedestrian promenade Paseo de la Marina
Facilities:Many bar/restaurants are situated along the promenade and there are toilets and showers, watersports and childrens playgrounds situated along the beach.
Description:One of the regions widest and sandiest beaches with many facilities which only gets really busy during the Spanish holiday season of July and August.

Playa de Benajarafe Beach
Location:Adjacent to N340 in Benajarafe. Roadside parking alongside beach in lay-bies.
Facilities:A number of beach bar/restaurants provide toilets and showers between Easter and October and most weekends throughout the year.
Description:A relatively undeveloped wide sandy beach very popular with local residents.

Playa Naturista Almanat - Nudist Beach

Location:Just west of Torre del Mar turn off the N340 at the sign for Camping Almanat. Drive down as far as campsite reception office and turn left entering car park through barrier (€2 charge).
Facilities:Nudist restaurant/bar with toilets open every day.
Description:Secluded stretch of narrow sand and pebble beach set aside for naturism.

Playa de Torre del Mar Beach
Location:Accessed via the Paseo Maritimo (loads of parking spaces)
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers, toilets and numerous bars and restaurants open between Easter and October.
Description:An enormous predominantly sandy beach flanked by a wide and attractive Paseo (Promenade)

Playa de Caleta de Velez Beach

Location:Running East from the marina(Puerto Déportivo) in Caleta de Vélez.
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers and toilets summer only with a few nearby bar/restaurants.
Description:Low key sand and pebble beach running into the beach at Algarrobo and then Mezquitilla.

Playa de Mezquitilla Beach
Location:Mezquitilla, accessed via pedestrian only Paseo Maritimo.
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers and toilets summer only with a few nearby bar/restaurants.
Description:Sand and pebble beach with little to recommend it.

Playa del Morche Beach

Location:El Morche, accessed via Paseo Maritimo (parking available).
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers and toilets with a couple of bar/ restaurants summer only.
Description:Wide sandy beach continuing eastward into Playa Ferrara.

Playa Ferrara Beach
Location:Torrox Costa, running westward from the lighthouse(Faro) along the pedestrian Paseo Maritimo.
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers, toilets, and kids playground along with numerous restaurants, bars and shops open all year. In summer there are also pedaloes and lifeguards.
Description:Torrox Costa's main beach is wide and sandy and stretches for 1.7km.

Playa Peñoncillo Beach

Location:Torrox Costa, running eastward from the lighthouse towards Nerja.
Facilities:A few beach bar/restaurants providing sunbeds, showers and toilets during summer.
Description:Wilder and stonier than neighbouring Playa Ferrara.

El Playazo Beach
Location: West end of Nerja accessed via Calle Merida (beside Hotel Perla Marina)
Facilities: Toilets (summer only), showers, bar/restaurant at Hotel Perla Marina
Description: Wild and undeveloped this beach is mainly pebble with a few sandy stretches - a favourite with windsurfers.

Playa la Torrecilla Beach

Location: West Nerja accessed via steps from Calle Merida (beside Hotel Monica) running along to Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos (at the bottom of Calle Castilla Perez)
Facilities: Toilets and showers, a number of bar/restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas and pedaloes for hire.
Description: This man-made beach is sandy and sheltered and is usually quite busy.

Playa el Salon Beach
Location: Central Nerja accessed via Calle Salon (beside Iglesia el Salvador)
Facilities: Showers and a restaurant/bar with toilets.
Description: Nerja's best kept secret this quiet, sandy beach is a favourite with the locals and feels a million miles away from the bustling and busy town centre just a few steps away.

Playa La Caletilla Beach

Location:Central Nerja at the foot of the Hotel Balcón de Europa,accessed via steps next to Tourist Information Office and then follow path around the Balcón.
Facilities:Although the beach is public the facilities - sunbeds, showers, toilets and bar/restaurant belong to the Hotel Balcón de Europa.
Description:Small sandy beach only really useful to guests of the Hotel.

Playa Calahonda Beach
Location:Central Nerja next to the Balcón, accessed via the steps next to the Tourist Information Office.
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers and toilets provided year round by the pleasant Restaurante Papagayo.
Description:Sandy beach in a quiet bay.

Playa Carabeo Beach

Location:Eastern Nerja accessed via steps halfway along c/Carabeo
Description:A small and quiet sandy cove adjoining Playa Burriana.

Playa Burriana Beach
Location:Eastern Nerja accessed via the Paseo Maritimo at the foot of c/Filipinas
Facilities:Sunbeds, showers, toilets, beach volleyball and kids playground along with numerous restaurants, bars and shops open all year. In summer there are also pedaloes, diving, tourist info and lifeguards.
Description:Nerja's main beach, it is large and mainly sandy, gets very busy during summer.
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