Property Law In Spain -
A Guide For Landlords & Tenants

There are a number of important issues relating to property law in Spain that need to be taken into consideration when making your decision to rent out your Spanish property.

In this guide we aim to provide you with some useful information which we hope will help with your decision to become a Landlord in Spain.

The following subjects are covered and the information is provided purely as a guide only and we strongly recommend that you take qualified legal advice before entering into any short or long term tenancy agreement.

Urban Leases Act of 1994 - (see below)

Short Or Long Term Contracts?

Registering A Contract

Inventory & Breakage Deposit

Community Fees & Property Tax

Urban Leases Act of 1994

Since the mid 1990´s all issues relating to property rental of residential, commercial or holiday letting contracts have been regulated by the Urban Leases Act of 1994.

The main purpose for the introduction of this property law in Spain was to give tenants in Spain, and in particular long term tenants, access to a legal process for resolving disagreements between themselves and their landlord. The law also gave tenants the right to automatic statutory extensions to the length of their lease.

Therefore if you are a landlord planning to let your property on a long term basis you should consult a lawyer who will be able to discuss with you the property law in spain and advise you of the correct procedures you will need to follow in order to comply with the Urban Leases Act of 1994.