You are never too old
to learn Spanish!

With this in mind there is no excuse for you not to start on your own personal path to learn Spanish.

It is a widely accepted fact that wherever you travel to in the World being able to speak the local language, even if its only a few simple phrases, can vastly improve the enjoyment of your stay.

Now if you are a native English speaker you will probably respond to this statement by saying that many of the local nationals either speak or want to learn to speak English!

Well that shouldn't stop you from trying to learn Spanish, and with a vast range of courses and interactive aides now available on-line, learning to speak Spanish has never been easier, and you can also proceed at a pace to suit you.

So if you truly want to get more out of your next visit to Spain, then why not start to learning Spanish now! In fact why not make your next trip to Spain part of the process and join a language course.

There is no better way to improve your language skills than to have the opportunity to practice what you learn in the classroom straight away by speaking to the local population.

Think of it this way. If a foreign speaker comes up to you and tries to speak to you in your native language what is your reaction to them? If you are like most people you will usually try to help them!

Confidence is a big factor when trying to learn a foreign language it's true, but if you take a that step and use what you know you will be pleasantly surprised just how positive people will be towards your efforts to communicate with them in "their" language.

So no matter how much or little Spanish you feel you know it is always good to practice and there is no better place to practice Spanish than with Spanish people in Spain.

Here are some resources to help you get started.....

Learn Spanish in Madrid
Learn Spanish in Madrid is not only educational, but also comfortable and fun with the personalized and cultural immersion programs that IH Madrid offers.