The following walking tour of Velez Malaga should last approx an hour.

The following tour involves walking up and down some of Velez Malaga's steep streets and we recommend that you wear sensible shoes, avoid the hottest part of the day and carry some liquid refreshments with you.

The walk begins and ends at Plaza de las Carmelitas the main square in the centre of Vélez-Málaga bordered on one side by the Ayuntamiento or town hall and on the other by the Convento de las Carmelitas.

Start at the newspaper kiosk and leave Plaza de Las Carmelitas by the street which leads up the hill c/Romero Pozo keeping the town hall building on your left and then take the second turning on the right c/Paseo Nuevo a wide avenue lined both sides with orange trees that in early summer fill the street with their heady perfume. Continue along Paseo Nuevo as the street bears left and the church Iglesia de San Juan comes into view with its imposing clock tower. The church dates back to the time of the Moors and its neoclassical restoration was completed in the 19th century.

Passing the church leads you into Plaza de la Constitucion, on the right side of the square is the recently restored wall and the Puerta Real or arched entrance to the oldest part of town. After passing through the archway take the steps immediately to the right c/ Consistorial and climb up to the top keeping right for a view back down to the church and square below.

Continue following c/ Consistorial and as it climbs there is a splendid view over Vélez-Málaga with the Ermita Nuestra Sra. de los Remedios on top of the hill known locally as El Cerro.

On reaching the end of the street you will see the lower slope and some remains of the old fort. Turn left and follow the road bearing right as it climbs. The view of Vélez-Málaga, now on your left, stretches all the way across to include the fertile green valleys of the Rio Velez.

You should now be able to make out the tower of La Forteleza through the pine trees on your right. You will not be able to climb inside the tower itself however it is surrounded by a pleasant garden. To get to the tower, after 100 metres take the pathway located on the right. Care is needed as the path is both steep and uneven. At the fork the right path leads directly to the foot of the tower; this route is steeper and has some large steps to climb. The left path is easier to negotiate and leads round to the tower through the gardens.

You have now reached the highest point in Velez Malaga. Those without a fear of heights should walk along the wall to the right of the tower. Care is required as there is no safety rail, however from here you have some stunning panoramic views of the area all the way to Torre Del Mar and beyond.

The alternative route is to take the lower path and steps that lead through the gardens to an equally impressive view point that is enclosed by railings. The gardens themselves are well maintained and make for a pleasant spot to stop for a rest and some refreshments - providing of course you brought them with you!

During the summer an open-air pop concert is held on the flat area below the gardens where some of the better bands locally and from further afield appear.

After descending from the tower via the pathway you used to reach it, turn right back on to c/ Fortaleza Alta and continue following it left and down where you will eventually reach the highest located church of Vélez-Málaga Iglesia de Santa María. The 15th century church was constructed on the site of the original Muslim mosque and temple and retains a Mudejar style moulded ceiling and an impressive 16th century altarpiece. Unfortunately the church is currently under a complete restoration and closed to the public.

Pass the church to the right taking the steps down c/Mudejares and at the bottom turn right (you can't go left) on to c/ Margarita. At the end turn left on to c/Eloy Telez and then at the end turn right where you will come to the Mirador de Benomacarra so named as the view from this point stretches all the way to the nearby village of Benomacarra. Looking out over the view, leave by way of the street to your left c/Tapia de Cruz continue straight on passing the small square on your right into c/ Espinar which leads into Plazuela Espinar complete with its own fountain. Continue straight on and follow the cobbled street down which leads you down to Puerta Real archway and back into Plaza de La Constitucion.

Turn left and continue walking towards the church and then after you pass the church steps turn left into the pedestrianised passageway with a butchers shop on the corner. The passageway leads you through some shops and bars and at the end is the small fountain square 'Fuente de San Francisco'. To the right opposite the fountain is Casa de Cervantes now an adult education facility but originally the home of the famous spanish writer Cervantes during the time that he spent living in Vélez-Málaga working as a local tax collector.

As you continue ahead you will see the church Convento de San Francisco to the left of which is the Palacio de Beniel a local museum and arts centre.

To the right of the church is the local Mercado Municipal where fresh produce is sold daily. Continue walking along c/ Poeta Joaquin Lobato with the market on your left and continue down hill into c/ Luis de Rute.

Exit c/ Luis de Rute back into Plaza de las Carmelitas and the centre of Velez Malaga to complete the tour.

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