Let us help you take the hassle out of traveling with children

Whether you are seasoned travelers or family holiday 'virgins', traveling with children can often prove to be a bit of an 'adventure’ to say the least. Like most things the key to helping make your trip pass off as smoothly as possible is careful planning.

Unfortunately where traveling with children is concerned the planning usually ends up as an endless list of things you have to take with you.

It is generally accepted that kids require twice the amount of luggage as adults, and most of it has to be readily available at any given moment. Be they essentials or a few familiar home comforts that will help you and the kids settle into your holday home. As the list grows and invariable your thoughts turn to 'who's going to carry all this stuff!’ so the pressure builds on that that last remaining corner of space ear marked for your wash bag in your already over crammed Samsonite.

Wouldn't it be easier if some of these things where already provided?

So it was after about the 5th time of being asked by visiting family and friends 'Could you provide us with a travel cot....a high chair.....a stair gate......a playpen...', that we then thought sure why not?

Then we thought what else could we provide for visiting families to hire that would make the whole traveling with kids experience easier?

And so here it is. We think that the following list of items available to hire will help take some of the hassle out of organising your family holiday and all can be delivered to and collected from your holiday accommodation*. We have included in our list not only items to hire but also some useful item to buy which we feel would enhance the enjoyment of your stay.

For Hire per week in Euros
Item Price per week
Travel Cot €20.00
High Chair €15.00
Stairgate €15.00
Playpen €12.00
Single Buggy €8.00
Bottle Sterilizer €12.00
Bottle Warmer €10.00
Night Light €2.50

Items To Buy in Euros
Item Price
Continental electric socket protectors €3.00 pack of 10
Table corner protectors €2.50 pack of 4
Anti door slam guard €2.50 each
Microwave Bottle Sterilizer €13.00
Powdered Baby Milk -
Aptamil 1 900gms €12.00
Aptamil 2 900gms €10.00
Sodium Free water €1.00 1Litre

In addition to the above prices a refundable deposit of €100.00 will payble on all rental orders.

Click here to place your order . * All orders over €30.00 will be delivered & collected Free of charge to properties within our featured resorts. For orders under €30.00 a delivery charge of €10.00 will apply.

We can also deliver & collect to and from any resort along the entire Costa del Sol for a charge of €25.00.