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Spain's Costa del Sol, or the Sunny Coast, has quickly become one of Spain's most beloved vacation destinations. What was once a quiet collection of autonomous fishing settlements has transformed in recent years to a glittering tourist destination that strives to offer something for every kind of vacationer. If you are interested in exploring this historic and stunning region of Spain, you may want to buy a timeshare as an alternative to renting a hotel room.

The Continuing Success Story of Timeshares

You may have heard the term "timeshare," but perhaps you aren't quite clear what they are or how they operate. Timeshares are simply vacation properties that are shared among multiple owners. These vacation properties grew out of one Swiss resort developer's innovative idea, as he encouraged his guests to "stop renting a room," and buy the hotel instead.

Timeshares have come a long way since their inception in the 60's, but the basic idea is still the same. Why pay for a rental when you can own property? And as an answer to the claim that property ownership is out of many people's reach, these vacation properties are shared among multiple owners to reduce the cost to each individual.

Timeshares Costa del Sol offer Resorts and Weeks to Suit You

Now that you understand the basic concept of timeshares, you might be curious about the details. Arrangements will differ based on your personal preferences and resort regulations, but the basic model is fairly consistent. Buyers will choose to purchase time at the resort of their choice. Resorts generally sell timeshare in one-week increments, and owners can choose to purchase as many of these shares as they foresee comfortably using. Buyers can choose to purchase fixed weeks, or floating weeks, depending on their vacation preferences.

Timeshares Costa del Sol

Fixed weeks are determined and numbered by a timeshare calendar and correspond to single weeks throughout the year. There are, therefore, 52 weeks in every timeshare calendar. A fixed week is an excellent choice if you and your family are planning on celebrating a special occasion in the Costa del Sol. Perhaps you and your loved one were married in the area and would like to return for your anniversary every year. A fixed week will allow you to secure this week every year or every other year.

Timeshares Offer Total Flexibility

If you prefer more flexibility in your vacationing options, you may choose a floating week. Floating weeks allow owners to select their usage each year, based on availability, at their home resort. Floating weeks do provide more flexibility, but also make it more difficult to secure specific time annually or biennially. Should you decide that you'd like to use your floating week during a particularly busy season (like the winter holidays, for example) you will want to notify your timeshare resort as soon as you know.

Save by Buying Re-sell Timeshares Costa del Sol

When you are ready to buy your Spain timeshare, you can save thousands when you purchase from a previous owner, rather than directly from the resort.

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