Romeria de San Isidro

This early summer day of celebrations harks back to a time of the Plough and Ox.

The word Romeria is from the Latin describing the ancient pilgrimage by foot to Rome. Whilst maybe not as far as Rome the Nerja celebrations are also in the form of a pilgrimage, albeit shorter.

After attending a special mass at the Iglesia del Salvador at the Balcon de Europa the congregation, many in traditional dress, head off on a colourful procession. Accompanied by people on horseback or in highly decorated cattle drawn carts and wagons they make their way from the church to their final destination at the caves near the village of Maro.

What then follows is an all day open-air country party with traditional music and dance as well as a plentiful supply of locally produced wines and food. The partying continues well into the night by which time the attendance regularly tops 5000 people.

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