Noche de San Juan

Forget Glastonbury spend the summer solstice on the beach!

Preparations for the mid-summer celebration of San Juan start a few days in advance as thousands of local people all descend on the beaches of the region. They then vie with the summer holidaymakers to stake a claim on their particular spot on the beach before literally setting up camp. As beach turns into tented village I guess you could liken San Juan to a pop festival but with sand getting everywhere instead of mud.

Come the night itself and the partying begins a heady concoction attacks your senses as music and the smell of barbecues are carried on the warm evening air. The enjoyment continues and as midnight approaches the excitement begins to build as the 'I will if you will' debates go on about taking the traditional midnight plunge in the water.

Sure enough as clocks begin ringing out the chimes of midnight a mad dash across the sand ensues as thousands observe the ritual. As the excitement subsides and everyone towels themselves dry before partying on until dawn I can't help but wonder. Like every pop festival there always seems to be a lack of toilet facilities. So perhaps that’s why that dip in the sea wasn't as cold as everyone feared!

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