5m Euros To Be Invested In Nerja Caves In 2006

28th February 2006

The director of "La FundaciÓn Cueva de Nerja" ( Nerja Caves Foundation ) Ángel Ramírez has given his approval this week to the proposed 48% increase in the annual spending budget.

The decision to agree to the allocation of almost 5 million euros of funds for 2006 was made after independent studies showed that there had been a severe lack of capital investment in the regions most important monument over the past years.

The result of the this lack of investment has lead to delays to a number of planned important maintenance and improvement projects to the Nerja Caves, which are located between Nerja and Maro.

These projects include the long over due upgrade of the electrification system of the caves, which have not been improved since the initial installation of electric power in the 1960's and a new system of fire detection sensors.

As well as carrying out the essential and necessary maintenance work required, there will also be improvements to the areas accessible by the public and the construction of a new exhibit depicting the life of the first inhabitants of the caves.

Plans have also been put forward for 1.6 million euros to be spent on the construction of a new "Museo de la Historia de Nerja" to both help celebrate and promote tourism in the Neja and Maro area.

Another 84,000 euros have been earmarked for a project to build an underground reservoir capable of holding up to 500,000 litres of the water that filters through the system of caves, which will then help provide fresh water to the area during prolonged spells without rain.

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