Information on Malaga's main monuments.

The Alcazaba

Situated on c/Acazabilla above Malaga's old quarter the Alcazaba or Moorish fortress dates back to the 8th century. It is smaller in scale and lower key than it's more famous counterpart, the Alhambra in Granada, only needing about an hour for a full visit thus making it much easier on the feet!

As well as the rooms, courtyards and gardens of the fort itself, there is an archeological museum situated at the entrance to the alcazaba which displays some interesting Phoenician, Roman and Moorish artifacts from the area. In addition you can see the Roman Amphitheatre, adjoining the site which was originally a Roman fortress.

The Alcazaba is open daily except Tuesday, 8.30am-7.00pm.

The Cathedral

Situated on c/Molina Lario not far from the Alcazaba, the cathedral was begun in the 16th century and although the facade is 18th century baroque, the interior is gothic/rennaissance. The highlight is the 17th century carved wooden choir stall.

The cathedral is open Monday - Saturday 10.00-12.45 and 4.00-6.45 with a small admission charge.

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