When the fair comes to town the people go to town Spanish style !

The date of the Feria varies from town to town but is usually held between June and October. Traditionally the summer fair was held not only for the local towns folk to enjoy themselves but also as a way for the local producers to trade with one another.

Nowadays the emphasis is on having fun and what may have started out as a day of celebration is now usually spread over four or five days, during which time not a lot else will happen in the town. Most of the shops and businesses will close early if not completely allowing everyone to enjoy the celebrations.

Like many celebrations in Spain the Feria is open 24 hours with most of the partying and entertainment taking place throughout the night. Hence the erratic business hours.

Along with a funfair there will be food stalls, live music and entertainment and of course a couple of places to quench your thirst!

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