Property Letting Contract

I/we, ___________________________________, agree that should represent my/our property at (address)


___________ in accordance with the terms of the basic property letting package as described in the terms of the Property Letting Service document.

Once I/we have confirmed availability of the property for a specified period to I/we undertake to honour that commitment.

I/we confirm that I/we have in place an appropriate property insurance policy whose cover includes third party liability.

I/we understand that will deduct all service charges and commissions due for each booking made by, as detailed in the terms of the Property Letting Fees document and broken down in detail on the Pricing Structure Proposal, before forwarding the balance of the rental income owed to me/us.

Property Owner/s Signature/s

Signature _____________________________,

Print Name ___________________________

Signature _____________________________,

Print Name ___________________________

Date _____/________/________ of C/Tapia de Cruz 8 Velez-Malaga 29700 Spain guarantee that we will comply fully with the terms of the basic property letting service for the property specified above. agree to make full and final settlement of outstanding rental charges due to the property owner/s within 14 days of termination of the rental period in accordance with the instructions specified above.

Signed on behaf of

Signature _______________________________

Print Name _________________________________

Date ______/________/_________